The Ideas of Wedding Door Gift

If you look for the wedding door gift for your wedding attendant, this post will give you bunches of inspirations. Besides is unique, the wedding door gift ideas are also interesting and will be unforgettable. Then, the prices are various and you can choose which door gift appropriate with your budget. Interestingly, there are many of them become my favorite. This is awesome and very personalized. If desire, you can even choose the edible wedding door gift. The more ideas you can see here.

Wedding Door Gift Ideas

The edible wedding door gift you can choose first is the tea bag. There are tea bag in many flavors such as original tea bag, green tea, and much more. For making the tea bag looks interesting, you can pack it in the interesting bag or box. If desire, you are able to complete it with tea spoons, too. Further, there are super delicious cupcakes you can use as the wedding door gift. To make it looks captivated, make the cupcake as unique as eye catching to make your attendants more interested in the cupcake.

Then, you might choose boxes as the wedding door gift. Box is made from many kinds of materials. Some are made of paper, tin, and metal. Anyhow, you can also find boxes created from wood. In order to make the boxes unique, you are able to make it in square shape, heart shape, round, or triangular shape. In addition, it could be more exquisite when the boxes are colored in some different hues such as pink, red, blue, orange, and so on.

Further, to warm up your attendants, candles can be the next choice of wedding door gift. Unlike common candles, the unique candles can be styled as wedding gown. Besides, the candles are also available in flower shapes such as sunflower, rose, lily, and much more. Besides, aromatherapy candles also become the favorite candles for groom and brides so they also give it to the attendants as wedding door favors.

Furthermore, elegant hand fan which is designed interestingly can be the next wedding door gift. The elegant hand fan is mostly styled in black, cream and the other pastel colors. Or, you can function for the alluring tea mug as the door gift of your wedding. This is more functional and useful because they can use it at home. Design it in personalized design to make it more unique. Which one do you like?


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