Finding the Great Wedding or Party Cake in Cake Boss Way!

Do you like to spend a lot of your time in front of your television in the weekend while grabbing some popcorns in a big pile bucket and watch the soap opera or any reality shows? If that is one of your enlisted favorite activities that can make you happy, then you should not miss one TV show entitled Cake Boss!

If you have not known Cake Boss yet, then let us tell you about that. This TV show (or you may also see Cake Boss YouTube) is the story about some happenings in Carlo’s Bakery located in New Jersey USA which is famously known as the nice company that lead the invention in the bakery stuff and its staff. Every episode in their TV show narrate about the man called Buddy Valastro Who elaborate the way how to prepare unique cake with various theme for any various occasion. Not only about the cake itself, the show is also showing the tricks and different way to adjust the cake need by knowing the specific events such as charity event, wedding, family party and other.

In this article, we would like to tell you in a nutshell about what you should know about finding or making the cake in the Cake Boss way. Just heed these two simple and sharp tips that Buddy Valastro always remind us every time he make the cake with his staff on every cake boss episodes:

Cake boss

Cake boss

Knowing the Occasion is the first important rule for Cake Boss recipes

You cannot just randomly create some cake without even knowing what is that for? Just imagine that you randomly make a cake with such “crowded” ornaments on it without asking what that for is, and in the end it is actually for funeral or business occasion. That’s a disaster! The first thing thou need to do first knows the occasion and then you may proceed to the next step. That is how Cake Boss is started to process!

Choosing the Theme of the Cake based on the occasion is the next

The next step is the time you hop to decide the theme that is suitable with how the occasion do with the cake. Just simply imagine the occasion, what people do and how people feel on that? If it is for wedding the people are just cherished with blessing and the happy time, but if it is for business party then it supposed to be more serious and elegant. This step needs your creativity and sharp instinct. You may also need to question the event organizer about the detail occasion and then you may execute it! That’s how Cake boss works!


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Cake boss