The Reasons Why People Choose Church Wedding

Wedding is the most important occasion in our life as it is a gate for entering a new stage of life where you will not only care about yourself. As it is important for us, we need to make the wedding become something that will not be easily forgotten by ourselves. We have to create a wedding where we remember that moment, we will feel that something in our soul tries to make us to be better and have more reason to live our life to the fullest. Now, I will give one great way for having wedding and it is the church wedding.

church wedding

church wedding

The Special Things from Church Wedding

You should now that church wedding is the most favorable wedding plan that many people from Christian always want to have. There are some reasons which make this wedding become the most preferable among other weddings with the other concepts. The greatness of the wedding in church is impressive and now, I will mention it one by one so you will have the understanding toward this wedding clearly.

First, the church wedding is the wedding which has the most sacred sense in wedding ceremony. Church is a place for worshipping the god and when we want to start a new life, we surely want to get the blessing from the giver of life. Many people say that the blessing of god which is given directly from the church when someone has a wedding ceremony is more guaranteed than the blessing which father gives in the open place. The wedding of church shows more earnest way of asking god’s blessing.

The next reason for having church wedding that it is simple and we do not need to decorate the place in good design. The church commonly comes with great natural design and most of church will ask for little charity. When you have the wedding in great building or beach, you will surely rent some space that will make you have to spend a lot of money. This church will cut your outcome well and you can allocate it to give more attentions to the food which is served for you.

The reasons for having church wedding are truly something which cannot be taken for granted. The church is a home of virtue and when we have our important moment surrounded by virtue, we will surely get a blessing that we need to make our life get happier.

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Wedding Card Elegant: The Elegance in Simple Design

If you are asked what you think about wedding card elegant, what would pop up in your mind then? Speaking about elegance, you can refer it to luxurious design indeed. However, you should need to know that the elegance of wedding card can be seen in simple design as well. Would you like to know some of its examples here? Not all cards with simple design look elegant, so you might take the examples below into consideration.

wedding card elegant

wedding card elegant

Picturebook’s Simple Elegance Wedding Invitations (Black)

The first wedding card elegant we will talk about first here is Simple Elegance Wedding Invitation that is exclusively designed by Picturebook. What makes it simple yet still elegant is the design itself of course. It looks like a photo frame with white background in the middle and black frame lines along the edge. The combination of black and white has always been used in any elegant designs.

Of course, that is not the only design of this elegant wedding card. There are three photo spaces in the right that is designed from up to down. Since it is your wedding invitation, you can place your photos with your partner here. Meanwhile, the rest of the space in the left is designed for the words of invitation to be written. To make it chic, there are vine-looking lines to decorate this space on the top left corner. This is what makes it wedding card elegant.

Lady Jae’s Rustic Print Wedding Invitations (Evergreen)

Aside from the frame-like wedding card elegant like the first, simple rustic print can look elegant as well. Well, why not? Lady Jae’s Rustic Print Wedding Invitation can even be more than just elegant with its rustic evergreen. It is kind of refreshing to see, isn’t it? The design is made of cream background with one very thin brown line in which the words of invitation are written within.

Of course, the design does not stop here. This simple, fresh, and elegant wedding invitation has evergreen decoration printed on it. There are four separate places in which the evergreen is printed on. It is printed as if the evergreen grows from the edge of the card. It is chosen with yellowish green leaves and plants to contribute rustic look on it. It even goes well with the cream background, making it simple yet somewhat elegant. It is a nice example of wedding card elegant.


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wedding card elegant

Finding the Great Wedding or Party Cake in Cake Boss Way!

Do you like to spend a lot of your time in front of your television in the weekend while grabbing some popcorns in a big pile bucket and watch the soap opera or any reality shows? If that is one of your enlisted favorite activities that can make you happy, then you should not miss one TV show entitled Cake Boss!

If you have not known Cake Boss yet, then let us tell you about that. This TV show (or you may also see Cake Boss YouTube) is the story about some happenings in Carlo’s Bakery located in New Jersey USA which is famously known as the nice company that lead the invention in the bakery stuff and its staff. Every episode in their TV show narrate about the man called Buddy Valastro Who elaborate the way how to prepare unique cake with various theme for any various occasion. Not only about the cake itself, the show is also showing the tricks and different way to adjust the cake need by knowing the specific events such as charity event, wedding, family party and other.

In this article, we would like to tell you in a nutshell about what you should know about finding or making the cake in the Cake Boss way. Just heed these two simple and sharp tips that Buddy Valastro always remind us every time he make the cake with his staff on every cake boss episodes:

Cake boss

Cake boss

Knowing the Occasion is the first important rule for Cake Boss recipes

You cannot just randomly create some cake without even knowing what is that for? Just imagine that you randomly make a cake with such “crowded” ornaments on it without asking what that for is, and in the end it is actually for funeral or business occasion. That’s a disaster! The first thing thou need to do first knows the occasion and then you may proceed to the next step. That is how Cake Boss is started to process!

Choosing the Theme of the Cake based on the occasion is the next

The next step is the time you hop to decide the theme that is suitable with how the occasion do with the cake. Just simply imagine the occasion, what people do and how people feel on that? If it is for wedding the people are just cherished with blessing and the happy time, but if it is for business party then it supposed to be more serious and elegant. This step needs your creativity and sharp instinct. You may also need to question the event organizer about the detail occasion and then you may execute it! That’s how Cake boss works!


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Cake boss

Bridal Shoes to Buy and Wear with Tips

No one is to blame if you spend weeks, moths, even years to hunt and find the most perfect and fab wedding dress. But don not forget what you are going to wear for the first step in entering the whole new life as you have a “Mrs” followed your name for the rest of your life (Amen). It a little bit problematic since you have to make sure that your bridal shoes can go with the dress you wear when it comes to down the isle.

Choosing the right bridal shoes is very essential since you are going to wear them for such a long time. The first thing you need to consider is that those shoes can support you well and are comfortable. Do not sacrifice your comfort in your big day with some fabulous-good-looking obsession where you will feel uncomfortably hurt for the rest of the ceremony.

You might want to wear a pair of heels for your reception. You also need to think whether your dress will cover your legs till toe or not. If it does, perhaps simple bridal shoes will work good for you because what is the point of wearing something stunning it covered. You also need to think about your bridal shoes for your first dance. Flats are one option you can consider. Some t-straps are also good and look pretty for your foot.

Shop online is one thing you need to try since you see thousands of bridal shoe collections and pick a pair up the best for your big day. The good news is that many most companies always offer free shipping for that. You will save a lot of time and…Voila! Your bridal shoes are waiting right on your front door.

bridal shoes

bridal shoes

Simple Choosing Bridal Shoes Tips

As stated above, comfort is the most important thing when choosing bridal shoes. The second is you have to choose the right color that matches your color, setting, and your personality. Make sure that you get the right size, not too big or too small. If possible, find wedding bridal shoes that have straps so that they can secure you and your food for maximum comfort. And the last thing is to shop by the end of the day. Your feet might swell a little bit during the day because you will a longest and happiest day ever of your life.


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bridal shoes

Super Romantic Anniversary Gifts for Your Spouse to Inspire

What about surprising your spouse with impressive anniversary gifts? For sure, this becomes one of the most romantic ways to make our spouse feels happy. Many ideas we collect to inspire you planning the gift. Further, if you love to have the very unique and limited gift to your spouse, you are able to make it your own. Besides, you are able to bespeak to the designers or boutique the gift you want. Below are several inspirational anniversary gifts you will love.

anniversary gifts

anniversary gifts

Anniversary Gift Ideas

As the opening, you can prepare small anniversary gifts. For instance, you can surprise your spouse with sweet tart cake in the morning. I convince that your spouse will surprise and happy because you surprise her with romantic cake by the time your spouse opens his or her eyes. This will be more unforgettable if you make the cake your own. Although you are not a professional in bakery and it taste not that good, your spouse will appreciate your effort.

Besides is cake, the other anniversary gifts you can give to your spouse are jewelry for woman or exclusive watch for man. Special for jewelry, you are able to choose the limited ring, earrings or necklace designs. You are able to choose whether you love to buy the diamonds or gems jewelry. On the other hand, if it is a watch you are looking for, you should choose the most appropriate watch type such as for indoor, outdoor, or adventure.

The next anniversary gift idea that you will love is handmade gift. The idea is by making the unique photo frames with unique photograph arrangements. You can make it as scrapbook. Or, you are able to design it as super alluring wall arts. The better creation is if you style the photographs in black and white so it looks classical. Anyhow, you could be able to style it totally different by creating extra vibrant frames with colorful photographs and you give it to your spouse as anniversary gifts.

The last inspiring anniversary gift idea from me is surprise your spouse with romantic dinner or trip to the romantic place. You both can go for the second honeymoon in the place you love such as in the villa or resort. Then, if you wish to have a romantic dinner, make sure that you choose the restaurant with appropriate nuance so it will become the unforgettable anniversary gifts for you and your spouse. More than just visible gifts you give, you can give your spouse more romantic acts.


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anniversary gifts