How to Plan Wedding Party like a Celebrity Wedding?

celebrity wedding

Nobody really known how exactly someone else’s wedding detail unless you ask them about it. Same goes to the celebrity wedding. It is not like the news have already reported in on the television or any celebrity wedding photos published in their report but some aspects are not just simply informed due to some aspects and privacy. We do not really like that, we have come up to celebrities’ wedding and often got an exclusive interview about that, and that is why we are here to let you know about how to make a wedding ceremony like a celebrity.

Of course we would like to emphasize that this celebrity wedding is not a joke, it takes abundant money to spend, time to waste and maybe many people to work for it (some celebs hire celebrity wedding planners anyway). If you own a fortune and you think it is no worry to spend without thinking about how much is it, then you may proceed without worry to read furthermore of this article.

Some Aspects to make a Celebrity wedding yourself

The first thing to prepare in the celebrity wedding is the luxurious place with the character of prestige. No matter what happen, where the wedding ceremony is held is the first thing to consider. We remember our friend Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise wedding back then, and they said that they total wedding cost are around 2 million, for specific the venue is taking about ten percent of the whole cost. You calculate it yourself!

The other things to ponder for making celebrity wedding is the sacred stuff called celebrity wedding rings and the wedding gown, and they both pricy. We asked Jennifer Lawrence about her wedding dress and she said it worth four million dollar with light expression. That is hell of money to burn for a bridal gown. Little cheaper celeb’s wedding dress? We also asked Jessica Biel and Kate Winslet and they said their gown cost more than a hundred grand.

The third important aspects for celebrity wedding is the delightful yet making your jaws drop by knowing its price. Most celebs we know hiring a wedding organizer who paid for more than a hundred thousand dollar, same goes to the chef who prepare the celebration’s banquet. Since the food is one crucial aspect, it must not be forgotten. Well, still wanna do it?

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