Cheap Rental for Wedding Tent

Marriage, of course, is being the most valuable and the happiest moment in your life. Therefore, as much as possible you will make your wedding to be special to be remembered until the end of life. One of a series of wedding is the wedding party. This can be done at the building or at home. If you hold a wedding at home, you will need a wedding tent. You can get it by way of rent. In determining the price, the wedding tent rental service provider will typically use some point as decisive. You should know these points so that you can know how to get cheap rental for wedding tent. The points are as follows:

cheap rental

cheap rental

Tent Sizes

Tent sizes are being start decisive in determining the cheap rental of the tent. Usually there are three types of the packet size tents for rent, i.e. small size, medium size and large size. The bigger the size, the more expensive the rent is. Conversely, the smaller the size of the tent used, it will be cheaper the rent. From these considerations, you as the person who will use the services of a wedding tent rental should determine the capacity of tent needed in advance. That way you can get a rental tent with a more economical price.


To transport the tent from the tent rental service provider’s location to the venue of course needed transportation and fuel costs. It is a second determinant in determining the price of the tent rental. For those of you who want a cheap rental, you should choose a wedding tent rental services location that is not too far from the venue for the wedding.


Leasing Time

Leasing time is also a point in determining the cost of renting a tent. Often, renting a tent is not enough for one day, especially if there are several important events that will be held after the wedding reception, such as recitals or other events. In order to get a cheap rental, then you can make an offer price to the tent rental service providers to deliver cheaper rates if renting more than one day.


Installation Cost

In addition to the points explained before, you also must consider the cost of installation to get a cheap rental. Typically, the installation cost is determined based on the land for the installation of tents as well as the number of workers who will set up tents.


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 cheap rental