Wedding Card Elegant: The Elegance in Simple Design

If you are asked what you think about wedding card elegant, what would pop up in your mind then? Speaking about elegance, you can refer it to luxurious design indeed. However, you should need to know that the elegance of wedding card can be seen in simple design as well. Would you like to know some of its examples here? Not all cards with simple design look elegant, so you might take the examples below into consideration.

wedding card elegant

wedding card elegant

Picturebook’s Simple Elegance Wedding Invitations (Black)

The first wedding card elegant we will talk about first here is Simple Elegance Wedding Invitation that is exclusively designed by Picturebook. What makes it simple yet still elegant is the design itself of course. It looks like a photo frame with white background in the middle and black frame lines along the edge. The combination of black and white has always been used in any elegant designs.

Of course, that is not the only design of this elegant wedding card. There are three photo spaces in the right that is designed from up to down. Since it is your wedding invitation, you can place your photos with your partner here. Meanwhile, the rest of the space in the left is designed for the words of invitation to be written. To make it chic, there are vine-looking lines to decorate this space on the top left corner. This is what makes it wedding card elegant.

Lady Jae’s Rustic Print Wedding Invitations (Evergreen)

Aside from the frame-like wedding card elegant like the first, simple rustic print can look elegant as well. Well, why not? Lady Jae’s Rustic Print Wedding Invitation can even be more than just elegant with its rustic evergreen. It is kind of refreshing to see, isn’t it? The design is made of cream background with one very thin brown line in which the words of invitation are written within.

Of course, the design does not stop here. This simple, fresh, and elegant wedding invitation has evergreen decoration printed on it. There are four separate places in which the evergreen is printed on. It is printed as if the evergreen grows from the edge of the card. It is chosen with yellowish green leaves and plants to contribute rustic look on it. It even goes well with the cream background, making it simple yet somewhat elegant. It is a nice example of wedding card elegant.


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wedding card elegant