How to Plan Wedding Party like a Celebrity Wedding?

celebrity wedding

Nobody really known how exactly someone else’s wedding detail unless you ask them about it. Same goes to the celebrity wedding. It is not like the news have already reported in on the television or any celebrity wedding photos published in their report but some aspects are not just simply informed due to some aspects and privacy. We do not really like that, we have come up to celebrities’ wedding and often got an exclusive interview about that, and that is why we are here to let you know about how to make a wedding ceremony like a celebrity.

Of course we would like to emphasize that this celebrity wedding is not a joke, it takes abundant money to spend, time to waste and maybe many people to work for it (some celebs hire celebrity wedding planners anyway). If you own a fortune and you think it is no worry to spend without thinking about how much is it, then you may proceed without worry to read furthermore of this article.

Some Aspects to make a Celebrity wedding yourself

The first thing to prepare in the celebrity wedding is the luxurious place with the character of prestige. No matter what happen, where the wedding ceremony is held is the first thing to consider. We remember our friend Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise wedding back then, and they said that they total wedding cost are around 2 million, for specific the venue is taking about ten percent of the whole cost. You calculate it yourself!

The other things to ponder for making celebrity wedding is the sacred stuff called celebrity wedding rings and the wedding gown, and they both pricy. We asked Jennifer Lawrence about her wedding dress and she said it worth four million dollar with light expression. That is hell of money to burn for a bridal gown. Little cheaper celeb’s wedding dress? We also asked Jessica Biel and Kate Winslet and they said their gown cost more than a hundred grand.

The third important aspects for celebrity wedding is the delightful yet making your jaws drop by knowing its price. Most celebs we know hiring a wedding organizer who paid for more than a hundred thousand dollar, same goes to the chef who prepare the celebration’s banquet. Since the food is one crucial aspect, it must not be forgotten. Well, still wanna do it?

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The Ideas of Wedding Door Gift

If you look for the wedding door gift for your wedding attendant, this post will give you bunches of inspirations. Besides is unique, the wedding door gift ideas are also interesting and will be unforgettable. Then, the prices are various and you can choose which door gift appropriate with your budget. Interestingly, there are many of them become my favorite. This is awesome and very personalized. If desire, you can even choose the edible wedding door gift. The more ideas you can see here.

Wedding Door Gift Ideas

The edible wedding door gift you can choose first is the tea bag. There are tea bag in many flavors such as original tea bag, green tea, and much more. For making the tea bag looks interesting, you can pack it in the interesting bag or box. If desire, you are able to complete it with tea spoons, too. Further, there are super delicious cupcakes you can use as the wedding door gift. To make it looks captivated, make the cupcake as unique as eye catching to make your attendants more interested in the cupcake.

Then, you might choose boxes as the wedding door gift. Box is made from many kinds of materials. Some are made of paper, tin, and metal. Anyhow, you can also find boxes created from wood. In order to make the boxes unique, you are able to make it in square shape, heart shape, round, or triangular shape. In addition, it could be more exquisite when the boxes are colored in some different hues such as pink, red, blue, orange, and so on.

Further, to warm up your attendants, candles can be the next choice of wedding door gift. Unlike common candles, the unique candles can be styled as wedding gown. Besides, the candles are also available in flower shapes such as sunflower, rose, lily, and much more. Besides, aromatherapy candles also become the favorite candles for groom and brides so they also give it to the attendants as wedding door favors.

Furthermore, elegant hand fan which is designed interestingly can be the next wedding door gift. The elegant hand fan is mostly styled in black, cream and the other pastel colors. Or, you can function for the alluring tea mug as the door gift of your wedding. This is more functional and useful because they can use it at home. Design it in personalized design to make it more unique. Which one do you like?


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Cheap Rental for Wedding Tent

Marriage, of course, is being the most valuable and the happiest moment in your life. Therefore, as much as possible you will make your wedding to be special to be remembered until the end of life. One of a series of wedding is the wedding party. This can be done at the building or at home. If you hold a wedding at home, you will need a wedding tent. You can get it by way of rent. In determining the price, the wedding tent rental service provider will typically use some point as decisive. You should know these points so that you can know how to get cheap rental for wedding tent. The points are as follows:

cheap rental

cheap rental

Tent Sizes

Tent sizes are being start decisive in determining the cheap rental of the tent. Usually there are three types of the packet size tents for rent, i.e. small size, medium size and large size. The bigger the size, the more expensive the rent is. Conversely, the smaller the size of the tent used, it will be cheaper the rent. From these considerations, you as the person who will use the services of a wedding tent rental should determine the capacity of tent needed in advance. That way you can get a rental tent with a more economical price.


To transport the tent from the tent rental service provider’s location to the venue of course needed transportation and fuel costs. It is a second determinant in determining the price of the tent rental. For those of you who want a cheap rental, you should choose a wedding tent rental services location that is not too far from the venue for the wedding.


Leasing Time

Leasing time is also a point in determining the cost of renting a tent. Often, renting a tent is not enough for one day, especially if there are several important events that will be held after the wedding reception, such as recitals or other events. In order to get a cheap rental, then you can make an offer price to the tent rental service providers to deliver cheaper rates if renting more than one day.


Installation Cost

In addition to the points explained before, you also must consider the cost of installation to get a cheap rental. Typically, the installation cost is determined based on the land for the installation of tents as well as the number of workers who will set up tents.


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 cheap rental

Considering the Catering Food based on Its Price

The Catering Food means the catering menu. You must be aware to choose the appropriate menu of the catering for the special moment of its use. When you present the wedding ceremony for example, you must propose the idea about menu in line with the theme of the wedding ceremony itself. It will be easier for you for example to use the traditional menu when you propose the wedding ceremony itself under the classic theme.

In contrary, it will be funny for you to choose the wedding Catering Food for the special party presented. There is the different characteristic between the wedding ceremony and the party. Based on that reason, it becomes important for you to be aware about its difference. So, you cannot damage your special moment just because you choose the wrong catering food type. That is the simple thing but that can influence the success or not the concept proposed about the wedding ceremony or the party.

Because of that, it can be said that the Catering Food has the significant role to be included into the whole concept created from the beginning relating to the ceremony. You must be aware too that the matter of the catering has the close connection with some details about the plan, for example the aspect of the price. The price itself is important to be considered since that has the significant role in completing the whole parts of the ceremony or the party too.


The Catering Food and the Price

If you have the minimum budget for presenting the Catering Food, it will be wiser for you to choose the standard and even the cheap catering food. However, when you are choosing the cheap one, you must keep the standard about the neutral characteristic of the food. It means that it must be avoided the condition when the guest understand about the price of the food. That can be hard to be done but that is possible to be finished as long as you choose it carefully.

When the Catering Food is created in some special menus, its price can be higher from the standard one. It can be pleasant for you to choose it when you have enough budgets for catering. By choosing the special menus, you can make more impression into your guests coming. That is actually the desire of all of the people through their wedding ceremony or their party. However, the aspect of the budget can be a limitation to be considered.

Catering Food

Catering Food

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catering food